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Vegetable seeds - Best prices on Seeds for your garden

Vegetable Seed’s quality has extremely great value for getting high and fine harvest within desired period. “As you sow you shall mow”, “No good building without good foundation,” – as proverb says.

First of all, seed grain should be true bred, with high germinating capacity and completely free from any kind of admixtures.

No less important are the germination capacity, purity and energy, or seeds’ simultaneous germination. Testing of seeds’ germination can be made by every gardener. A simple device for seeds’ testing is an ordinary plate or saucer with throughput paper circles, gauze or simply well-washed sacking on their bottom. Paper or material should be wet by water from time to time for seeds to have enough moisture necessary for germination. 100 seeds should be put in rows on paper or sacking and covered by new throughput paper circle, gauze or sacking and plate or glass.

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A temperature of a room where seeds are couched shouldn’t be below 59F. It will be better to put the plate in the warmest place in the room and to keep it at a temperature of 68-77F. Seeds are inspected daily, and those which have given roots, counted and recorded into notebook, and germinated seeds are removed. Seeds of cabbage, radishes, rutabaga, pea, cucumber, bean, that have germinated in first two days, seeds of onion, spinach, germinated in first five days, carrot, fennel – in six days, parsley – in 7 days will characterize energy and simultaneous germination.

Depth of seeding. Novice gardeners usually put seeds too deep. With deep seeding germination slows at best, but more often they don’t germinate absolutely. It’s explained by the fact, that with such deep seeding oxygen access is hampered needed for germination as well as water and heat.

Besides, with deep placement of seeds so many reserve substances are used for “work” through overcoming of mechanical soil reaction, that there is a lack of them and shoots die underground. Bad results are given by too shallow seeding, when seeds are dried out and blown by wind.

Experiments have shown that for small vegetables seeds (turnip, carrot) as well as for beet best result can be got when seeding them at a depth of 0.39-1.18in. Large seeds (pea, bean) are sown at a depth of 1.18-2.36in.

Under such way of sowing of prepared seeds getting of simultaneous and strong seeding in early times can be guaranteed. With delayed sowings furrow’s bottom has been thoroughly watered from watering cans without sieve, and when the water is absorbed, seeds are sowing and covered with a thin layer of earth.