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Scientific and technological progress gets into new areas of human life year by year. Such penetration is not always useful to human. May be it’s not a secret for anybody, that those seeds we buy in stores are mutated hybrids, to which scientists in laboratories impart desirable properties of anthropogenic area.

In the anthropogenic area money govern the world, that’s why they try to grow vegetable varieties so that they can get as much profit as possible. For this purpose they usually work under improving of seeds’ germination and of long-term storage of vegetables. Taste quality and usefulness of vegetables are not so obvious, so they do not attach much importance on them.

With each year for bringing new kinds of vegetables increasingly sophisticated techniques are used. About ten years ago there were so called hybrids vegetables seeds F1, in which there were modified properties of specific vegetables. To return natural properties to such vegetables it was needed to update them, sowing each year own seeds.

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Now breeders have gone further. Often in new hybrids vegetables’ structure is completely changed (differences in seeds are visible even visually), for example, tomato remains only its external form. The what is completely different. Natural qualities can’t be returned to such hybrids even if update seeds for 20 years. Moreover, there are large amount of hybrids that are not able to self-reproduction. That is buying seeds and getting harvest we will not get seeds from it, given by the harvest.

And that’s not all, but only the beginning. From the mutated seeds mostly in greenhouses grow vegetables using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which draws from them the last signs of life.

Now situation has changed little bit. You can found some information about harmfulness of vegetables-mutants to human In press. We started to think about the origin of food consumed by us. There was a demand for ecological vegetables and organic vegetable seeds, and proposal didn’t take long. But they cost much more, because require more complex (from technological point of view) care. But are they really clean?

These vegetables are grown from seeds got under laboratory conditions. Therefore even with all recommendations for growing of ecological vegetables desired effect will not be reached. Naturally, such vegetables will differ qualitatively in taste from their predecessors? But if we had an opportunity to compare the taste of vegetables, growing 20 years ago, we would have realized what was done with them by technological progress.

The impression can be that we have got in a hopeless situation. But it turns out that not all is lost. There are still some people who make seeds by themselves because of lack of funds. Without realizing it they save priceless product.

In the end there were found people who continue to make their organic vegetable seeds and now. Gradually quantity of such people increase. Join the search. Certainly you have in mind acquaintances, which make their seeds. Do not hesitate to visit them. Mutated hybrids are distributed at a furious pace and over a couple of years these your acquaintances probable will pass on them, and ecological (organic) seeds will be lost forever.

Sure, you can argue: “Ok, but if they will be lost by our acquaintances, you will save them. So we’ll take them from you.” I’m explaining the current situation. Demand for ecological seeds will increase each year. There are very few of people who can share them. Production of such seeds in large quantities alone is not possible, because there is a need to apply chemical fertilizers and other achievements of scientific and technological progress.

A few words in conclusion. It will take quite some time, and such seeds will be valued more than gold. Stores’ and markets’ counters will be out of mutated hybrids. Vegetables will be filled with their pristine strength and purity again. And an inexhaustible source of health will bubble again.

Health, happiness and good luck to you!